When you wander…

Came home today from work early because I’m no martyr. I have sniffly nose and cough and frankly I’m better at home nurtured by my duvet and sofa surrounded by pillows.

Of course no matter how ill I can feel, I still manage to log into my computer and wander around the virtual universe looking for new places to explore and visit.

I also come to see friends but  no one is around as the time zones don’t quite match up.

I visited Crestwick Island today. I have been  there numerous times simply because I love the place.

I did attempt the ballet dance studio, but wasn’t dressed for the occasion and so instead I looked like some gangly blonde who couldn’t quite stand in her mummies high heels. In real life I simply couldn’t wear these bad boys as I’m a simple kind of girl who prefers to be able to get around rather than having pretty ankles. However in a virtual world, I can be this woman who can run in her heels, dance like a woman who has had one too many vodkas and wiggly my self knowing the plants wont sway from the impact of the wind turbine created and my hair will stay in exactly the position it was when I got out of bed.

If only in real life we could be so finely tuned and crafted. That would mean each day I would get at least an extra hours sleep each  morning and I could stay up as late as I liked at night because I would wake up looking totally as fresh as I did before I went to sleep.

Hmmmm but then I wouldn’t find the virtual world so interesting because it would mirror real life.

I actually quite like being human and vulnerable and susceptible to change. Its what makes real life interesting and never every boring to me.

The virtual world is the perfection we aspire to and so its fun to visit it now and then, but to return to reality and live is absolutely wonderful.

However right now, my reality is feeling forlorn and needing someone to hug and kiss my forehead and feed me chicken soup and stroke my hair.

Sometimes when you make a phone call, you see the strangest things.



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