Being human

Spent 4 1/2 hours talking to someone and frankly don’t think I could get tired of that. Mind you I guess being a human being RL has to factor into it and have to sleep at some stage.

Amazing you can be wandering through a virtual universe, alone and not noticing much and someone can suddenly message you. And that’s it you are hooked on purely a conversation, another conversation and you just want to keep talking.

I think that’s the beautiful side of the virtual world. You get to know a person and you really talk. I mean really talk.

I wonder why in RL people seem to have stopped doing that. People spend so much time on their artificial lives and worried about what others think and do, but don’t stop and simply talk.

Next time you see a pixel person, remember there’s a person there. Stop and talk. You may  just come

 across a great human.


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