One thing about Second life is that it can surprise you with the talents of the travellers and residents within it.

Every day despite moments of either loneliness or at times boredom, the place can never fail to just draw me back because something amazing suddenly catches my eye.

Today I in my real life I was extremely busy and so missed out on hanging with someone I had met recently. Not because of not wanting to, but simply because time zones and real life just got in the way. Anyhow one thing that this person has done has inspired me to get more interactive than I have been  lately.

So while waiting to see if our time zones would allow us to say hello, I decided to go exploring and came to The Gathering by Bryn Oh.

Honestly if you get the chance, do go visit this sim. It really is quite inspirational and some of the art work there is simply lovely.

I am always amazed that you can take something from real life and translate it into virtual life and let people see what you can create.

I guess that’s what makes virtual life such an interesting place, that each time you create something you are adding to the experience and leaving behind a footprint.

What a wonderful world and can I say, definitely a must visit The Gathering.Snapshot_019.jpg


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