My new toy

Last night I spent hours checking out my new gadget in Second Life for photography. I’m still learning and it’s going to be a long road.

Of course I was dressed to impress and just had to test it out on myself.

LumiPro is simply amazing! It is not a cheap purchase at the outset. It is however certainly the best purchase I have ever made in terms of must haves in second life.

I spend a lot of my experience trying to get the right lighting around me and usually that entails ditching the sim windlight because I can’t  pick up the detail. This changes that completely.

Not only do I now achieve focus on the subject, but I can keep the ambiance around still showing.As the photo shows you can adjust the projected lighting to focus on the subject whilst still retaining the background as it is.

The best bit? You don’t need Rez rights anywhere because you simply wear this bad boy and begin clicking.

You also can add models and pose them via your hud.

As I learn more about how this baby works, I will show you along the way.

But certainly for me, I can’t wait to see how this will work with my video’s as well as photography.


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